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Sounds a bit like systems engineering from way back when, Pippa. :-).

Summarily put, we are in a period of transition and I believe the previous decade's definition of "full stack engineer" is about to be re-written. More and more of the mid 20 engineers here in the Valley have insane skillsets. For example, my son will complete his master's in mechanical engineering at Purdue while working full time at a Fortune 10 company as a core member of their innovation team. He also codes in Python and MATLAB using TensorFlow for CV, can install and troubleshoot networking issues, is the primary "maker" of physical low-fidelity prototypes (usually out of wood or from a 3D printer), and partners with both UI/UX as well as industrial designers. All before his 24th birthday.

Another way to think about this is the McKinsey "T" profile... but I'm sure you've already thought that one through. ;-). The future is incredibly bright if we stay focused on solving problems together.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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Dr P this is a particularly beautiful essay and I'm already a big fan of yours. I'm very thankful for how it helped me understand the identity of the company I am helping to grow - we were Shardware all along but didn't know it. Without a word to summarise who you are it can be difficult, but thanks to you we now have that word. If you have time please check us out mybackhug.com: we would love to hear from you and hopefully it will be an interesting example of Shardware for you. And as superfan of Loboutin, you might even feel the need for a BackHug from time to time :)

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