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Just want to say that your ability to pull tons of information into a cohesive whole is really something, it’s cool to see over the years and I’m very appreciative of it. I can’t articulate what it is exactly but I know that every time I read your work, my constructs are both opened a little more, while also building frameworks for sorting that new knowledge.

So it’s like,

“Here is this huge potentially new massive piece of information...” 🤯 😱


“And here is one way to think about it.” 🤔 🧘‍♀️

Go Pippa!

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What if the spiritual world (supernatural) has been real all this time? Perhaps the human history across many cultures that includes a belief in spirits has been based on actual observations. Perhaps the Judeo-Christian emphasis on the contrast between good and evil that includes a spiritual conflict surrounding and focused on humanity is correct. What if that spiritual interface with the natural world and the underlying conflict has become more noticeable because the world and the space around it has become so much more intensely scrutinized by the technology of humanity? Perhaps we have never been alone. Perhaps the theologians have been ahead of the science.

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Well this was a mind broadening way to have breakfast and ponder the infinite. Great write up somewhat distracting my attention from all the other crap currently going on around the world.

I had noticed how the UFO phenomena topic has been changing in recent years and indeed wondering if there was some other reason for this. Couple this with the mind bending new photography from the James Webb telescope and the question of whether there is other intelligent life out there is in my mind absolutely not a question any longer. There is life out there and if its capable of interstellar travel its technological capabilities must be unimaginable. Just think how much humans have technologically advanced in the last 150 years and now imagine what our civilization might look like (assuming we survive) in another 150 years time. Perhaps certain physical constraints may no longer even exist.

Oh and of course we had better hope that any extraterrestrial intelligent life is friendly and not like the Borg!

Great write up Pippa.

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That is awesome. Learning from failures.

(1) US learned from Vietnam - Cost to vietnamese 5 millon dead

(2) US learned from Afganistan - Cost to afgrans ?

(3) US learnd from Iraq - Cost to Iraq civilians 1 million dead

(4) US learned from Syria, Libya, Somalia - Cost of ?

(5) US learning from Ukraine - Cost to Ukraine ?

As long as you are not paying the cost of learning - why not keeping learning. !!

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While I still hold to the notion that extraterrestrial visitors are not likely, given the constraints of distances involved (and disbelieving 'warp drive' et al could be a real thing, or wormholes could be larger than atomic size) it occurs to me that the UAP and other observations might well be of antecedents of long ago.

Imagine that evolution led to a species or race of intelligent beings here on Earth, say 5 millions years ago (pick a time, just long in the past and since the meteorite strike of 65 million years back). If that species, over the eons, bifurcated into two groups - the majority being relatively ignorant and helpless "sheep" and a small minority understanding reality (not unlike humans nowadays). That past species technological developments may have led to their ability to live beneath the Marianas trench or underneath volcanoes (absurd sounding, sure, but no less so than interstellar spacecraft), where they have lived over the millennia with the occasional visit to the surface to see how the hairless monkeys are getting along (that would be us).

My understanding is that a number of religions have myths about civilizations living underground - could that be the anthropologists of our great great great-to-the-50th-power grandparents popping up to take a peek and make notes.

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Enjoy your writing and books. Am a subscriber.

Ignoring variations in consciousness and interdimensional (or inter-universe) issues, for which I have no place to even start, and recognizing that "there are more things in Heaven and Earth ... than are dreamt of in your philosophy," following are some very simplistic thoughts I sent to a group.

UFOs are all the rage (actually, renamed unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs). The House of Representatives is even holding hearings on the subject.

What goes around comes around.

When I was a teenager, I immersed myself in UFOs and Project Bluebook.

I guess my primary takeaway was, why would any intelligent, technologically-advanced species want to perform a colonoscopy on a poor farmer in Mississippi?

Not much has happened since 1952, when Project Bluebook was initiated, at least until the recent rash of anomalous sightings. The aliens are taking their time getting in touch.

If they are here, what are they hiding from? Compared to them, we are still in the technological stone age.

The best argument as to why they are hiding would be Star Trek’s prime directive not to interfere, but if so, they are not going to interfere.

We have a very, very, ginormously-big universe (“billions and billions”). We have not been emitting radio waves for long, so there is an extremely limited area that can “see” us as technological lifeforms, and it is unlikely someone is just passing by an unremarkable area of a huge galaxy.

I (following Stephen Hawking) also think that an intelligent alien species could be an existential threat to humans; so, on the whole, I would tend to not try to initiate contact with them. But, no one is listening to either Stephen or me.

Our galaxy contains some 100-400 billion stars and is some 105,700 light years wide (some 621,400 trillion miles)

It is estimated there are some 100-200 billion galaxies in the universe, which is some 547 billion trillion miles wide.

If we began transmitting radio waves, say in 1844 when the telegraph was invented, and assuming advanced aliens can pick up very weak signals, radio waves have now propagated some 178 light years from Earth, or a diameter of 356 light years, covering some 0.3% of the galaxy (treating the galaxy as a flat circle) and an infinitesimal fraction of the universe.

The closest major galaxy to us, Andromeda, is 2.5 million light years away, so it will be a while before they hear from us.

Conversely, if we are hearing from them, the signal began 2.5 million years ago, and a lot has probably happened to them since that time.

For aliens to be here, they have to either just have been passing by or have been within the volume of our electromagnetic signals with enough time to react and get here.

Or, perhaps, they are technologically advanced enough to detect a small planet with an atmosphere and water, if they know to look for an atmosphere and water. That would mean they have to be within about a 2-billion light-year radius, since the Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and water and oxygen came later. That would encompass our galaxy, but would still be a small fraction of the universe. Once they decide we are interesting, they would have to take the time to get here. So, assuming they can travel at the speed of light, started from as far away as possible, and just arrived here, they started on their journey some 2 billion years ago. Black holes and worm holes could help, I guess.

Could happen.

The closest star is “only” 4.2 light years away (that’s about 24 trillion miles). If there is life there and if it is sufficiently advanced, they probably have heard us. It is not clear that they have had time to get here. Travelling at the speed of Voyager, some 35,000 miles per hour, it would take them some 82,000 years to get here.

Now, if they have dilithium crystals ….

Space is geopolitically, militarily and economically important.

Very low probability that UAPs-as-UFOs are here, and if they are, we can only hope that they are kind.​

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Pippa -- this is the second time you've come to my attention in less than a day (last evening on PBS relating to your term "shrinkflation"). Yes, the whole "religion" thing is based on these experiences. I've had personal, direct experience, "taken up", informed of some major things, including peace, energy, economics, focused on these times. I also have met/spent time with your father, live ten minutes away, have more stories, other connections, including Pentagon background. Is there a way that we can continue the conversation privately? It's a lot.

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I don't know, Pippa: "Though, in an era of low trust, deep fakes, and strong inclinations and disinclinations to accept strange and weird ideas..."

Like your leadership books have pointed out, we live in a superposition-ed world where denial of some strange ideas does not preclude acceptance of others. It all depends on the audience, and the level of credibility craved by both the audience and the disseminators of new narratives.

It wasn't that long ago that "economic bubbles" were discredited. It wasn't that long ago that the idea of Obama, and certainly Trump, becoming POTUS were strange ideas. #metoo was a strange idea in 2006 - now it's everywhere.

The best leaders will know how to "surf" these emergent narratives and train very hard on maintaining the plasticity of their thought patterns in order to do so.

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I really enjoy your perspective along with your clear and concise way of bringing together disparate data into a cohesive narrative.

I think that from what info I've read/watched about UFO/UAP'S Earthlings have been watched/observed for longer than we know, we might just be scratching the surface.

These observations have in turn been expressed in religious stories and rationalized as being part of the spiritual world. I don't see any reason why both can't coexist. UFO/UAP'S confused for spiritual phenomenon and the other way around.

Further thoughts/ If I had to venture a guess as to why we haven't been contacted yet.. I have a running joke with my family.. I say "if I had to make a hunch I think aliens look at us the way I looked at my 2 month old puppy.. Sweet as can but didn't know much at the time and pee/poo all over their enclosure (Earth)" With that perspective can't say I'd want to contact us yet either.. Just keep observing/watching.. From a macro perspective we are very young as a species.

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Always amazing insight Pippa. Typo in question 4 (sorry, always a proofreader)

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Could you please do a deeper look at the economic implications of this?

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"The Pentagon is also now declassifying most, if not all, of the material related to UAPs"

Utter rubbish.

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I am dumbfounded yet again with what you present. You are a godsend.

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"Anti-Gravity"?! - I think you meant to write "Artificial" gravity.

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You mean, the people in Roswell weren't crazy after all? You may be way overestimating the degree to which many of us trusted government in the first place. Wondering how all this spending on the moon colonization will synch up with the need for green energy, water, food, etc. Ironic that our leaders can't resolve our issues on Earth, so they use this as another distraction.

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