Dr Pippa, we are definitely on the same page. I know that I personally want to protect my own ass.. ets...We do know that Putin definitely doesn't want to be prosecuted as a war criminal and that Xi has a zero COVID policy..

When we do the math... nuclear and/or biological "special military operations" are highly probable.

Thanks for your incredible insights to get us through this most troubling time✌️

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Not good enough for a political novel screenplay.

For real politics, it is a pile of nonsensical nonsense combined with wishful thinking.

The whole concept behind it can be described with the following motto:

"I don't know anything, but I have to pretend otherwise, so I'll guess and make up what I can, without any limits, without worrying about the impossibility of it all."

Or maybe I was wrong, because it is a new-think in the best style of the "Hitchhiker Galaxy Guide".

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It’s Russia’s efforts to drive up oil and food prices that hurt the most.

Ah, the old Putin price hike?

Come on, Pippa. How stupid do you think your readership is?

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Oct 26, 2022·edited Oct 26, 2022

You say: "driven by the leaders’ personal interests, which have superseded national interests and where rules of engagement have been replaced by “anything goes”. Russia and China call this “unrestricted warfare” The US calls it “Hybrid Warfare”. Think of it as a “grey zone” where events that are out of sight can be deadlier and more damaging than events you can see."

1. Then you spend the entire articles referring to Nation/States rather than personal or CORPORATE interests.

2. Never mention US dollar reserve status, monetary and fiscal policy (controlling currency as if not more important than political titles).

3. Suggest that Poland is under attack from Russia, when they will never be even close to being able to get to and through Western Ukraine (and perhaps even Kiev itself). Regime change, political leverage, or as YOU DO suggest - Geographic blitzkrieg.

4. Most importantly - "the medium is the message". Time to evolve way past Twitter, Meta, and TSLA UI and marketcap FARCES. Exceptional liberal values or negative interest rates and idiotic UI/UX for over a decade... (Twitter didn't invent the re-tweet button, they bought it, back in the good ol' days) like a forest-fire in outskirts of LA, cuz global warming or cause people move into and build using leveraged money in the path of catastrophes. How are those school reading scores in US?

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Well, I rose , ablouted, dressed, breakfasted, looked at the woke and left wing biased BBC headline reports then turned to my email and seeing an update from Pippa Malmgren, promptly opened and devoured it before I could even get a second bite of my marmalade toast. Dr. Cassandra....err sorry Dr. Pippa advises, rather cogently IMHO, that the next global conflict is in fact well underway.

I can see where both Pippa and Ferguson are coming from and frankly while largely agreeing with Niall we are not there yet, I have been aware for many months that something else has been going on. Its a sort of uneasy feeling, one that cant quite be placed yet views event happening all over the world and in the media as akin to building blocks. Its as if the "wall in the north" is being scaled and the White Walkers are slowly nearing the parapets....

I understand what Pippa is getting at and why she is saying that we might want to start paying attention. Some other commentators are dismissing her thoughts as over-baked, but I enjoy reading the musings of someone who should have better insights (and access to her brilliant father of course) than the vast majority of commentators. The severed subsea cable issues are something that particularly interests me and appears very underreported. My only question is why Poland is making so much fuss as an attack on Poland will trigger the Nato assistance article and guarantee a hot WW3. However, I do see the driver for Poland to escalate this conflict in Ukraine to try to keep it away from their borders as long as possible.

My biggest concern is that Nato seems to be in the driving seat backing Ukraine (which is destined to fall both economically and militarily) and there seems to be no obvious peacemakers out there. Indeed anyone who talks about peace seems to be attacked as a Putin supporter, a fascist appeaser etc. Seems to me the Ukrainian internet army are doing a stunning job compared to the vaunted Russian crowd who have certainly lost the propaganda war so far.

Any way, I enjoyed the article, understand Pippa's concerns and am now off to Sam's club for some more supplies and have ordered a lot more metals online, mostly brass and lead though as I have plenty of the gold and silver variety......

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As always, informative and lettered. Also entertaining........ Good on you.

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Hi Pippa,

Are you predicting here that Russia is going to conquer all of Ukraine and then attack Poland?

Based on their performance so far, it doesn’t look like they have the military wherewithal to do that.

They appear to more be in danger of losing a lot of the territory they took during the early weeks following their invasion of Ukraine rather than conquering any more.



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I am repeating myself, but my jaw drops, my eyes wide open, and my brain spins everytime I read one of these. A heartfelt THANK YOU

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Interesting article, Pippa, and for which many thanks, although you may have muddled up your WWIIs with your WW111s in places. Also, it's 'Segue' not 'Segway'.

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Very interesting article. Thank you for this P.M.

(Minor note: I think you mean WWIII, when you write WWII.)

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

The less said about "the press" the better.

It's not that "The press does not cover this hybrid, gray zone warfare because it’s happening in places they can’t see"; it's that the "press" (especially TV press) is owned by hollywood studios (Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Fox, Paramount etc) and THEY DON'T COVER ANYTHING. Keeping people blind is their number one product offering.

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I have seen flight data suggesting the US sent an aircraft and refueled just past the UK which used missiles to hammer the Russian Pipelines just inside international waters. Then we have the matter of Truss's phone being hacked and a msg to 'Blinken' .... 'its done'.... fiction or fact Doc? Nobody has claimed it....

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While there is undoubtedly a great deal of activity going on out of sight to most, my concern rests on the fact that based on the current Administration's track record of consistent failures, whether military (Afghanistan withdrawal), economic (inflation/recessoin), and security (open borders), one has to wonder if they even recognize that there is anything beyond Ukraine, which even they can see. I fear things as murky as described would not be recognized by this administration, thus if responses are appropriate, I doubt they would make very good choices.

all in all, not comforting

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It's fascinating - this whole "keep the public at large blind to these secretive and potentially very dangerous goings-on seems to be the opposite of what the media does with regard to things to scare that same public - I speak of the supposedly life-ending "problems" that are not, in fact, really bad but since they are out of sight and essentially out of reach their invisibility is their greatest asset to those misleading people.

In his book "Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom", Dr Patrick Moore expounds on that theme - he says this:

"Awhile back it dawned on me that the great majority of scare stories about the present and future state of the planet, and humanity as a whole, are based on subjects that are either invisible, like CO2 and radiation, or extremely remote, like polar bears and coral reefs. Thus, most people have no way of determining the truth of these claims of alleged catastrophes and doomsday threats."

So, scare the peons with those alleged problems while whitewash over cut undersea cables, etc.


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Your conclusions rest on your assertion that small nations such as Poland, Taiwan and Ukraine " will have their own plans" and cause WWIII to erupt. All are dependent upon the West and the U.S. for their weaponry. None are nuclear powers. It seems unlikely that these countries will act independently.

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